Starting on the right foot

The team has decided to put a new initiative in place, which we hope will give new players joining the community the best possible start and an opportunity to ask questions. By offering every joiner an introduction event of their choosing, new players may ask the team for a customisable and personal experience that gives them what they want as an introduction to the community.

How will it work?

Once you have gone through the first step of making a character profile (as per this thread) you may then add a second post to your character's thread. Please mark this post with the line Introduction Event Request and outline what event you would like to help you become familiar with TAC. You may be as broad or specific as you like with regards to the event, but please include your timezone and rough availability as well.

There is a list below of the guild's official event types. Please choose an option from this list that most closely matches the kind of event you would like.

The actual event will take place when the a team member has the time to offer up, and this will be announced as Introduction event availability in the LFG channel on Discord, along with a duration. The onus will then be on the those viewing the post in LFG, to contact the team member and let them know that they're free, you both work out what you want to do, and away you go.

Some caveats

  • I don't pay people. I will encourage and try to inspire team members to perform these guild duties but please remember at all times this is someone offering up their free time. The foundation of anything we do in this guild is that RL always comes first.
  • Introduction events aren't strictly one on one; they may be merged with some other activity the team member is doing, and may include other guild members / players as well. If this is an issue for you please speak to the team member in question when arranging your event.
  • If you feel your request post has gone unnoticed for over two weeks, please bring it to my attention over Discord and I will try to get it sorted for you.

Event types

Action RP Event: These events incorporate a mixture of gameplay elements and roleplay. It can typically involve a small throwaway story or purpose, but with an environment that enables you to strike up in-character dialogue as you go about your business. Examples would be chasing achievements as a group, but weaving in some story element to make sense of the places your character is going. Feel free to be creative with this kind of event; try not to view the map as the same old Ascalonian catacombs, helping the same old NPCs.

Desired outcome: A bit of fun gameplay and a light bit of in-character interaction that you can take away to future roleplay scenarios.

Discord RP Event: These are story-heavy roleplay events where the name of the game is to bring your character, their words and mannerisms to life through text alone. This is essentially writing a book with two or more players. The disadvantage is that it can often be much more wordy, as everything needs to be described however the advantage is that, with enough creative skill you can bring Tyria to life in ways the game cannot.

Desired outcome: Rich, character defining stories with the potential to forge more significant bonds between guild mates, furthering of player or guild plots.

Gameplay Event: The focus of this event type is primarily to play the game. We are an RP guild, so feel free to chuck in the odd in-character quip and find ways to make the activity tenuously in-character if you wish. This would be things like fractals, dungeons, Hero Point runs or open world achievement hunting.

Desired outcome: Phat loot, cheevs, maybe some OOC laughs in Discord.

Roleplay Event: Like Discord RP events, roleplay events move away from the mechanics of the game, and become more about describing your characters actions and dialogue in an in-game story telling session. This is generally preferred over Discord RP because it's more inclusive, and it's in the game we're all playing.

Desired outcome: High level of in-character interaction between characters, furthering of player or guild plots.

Social Event: These are dialogue heavy roleplay events where characters basically 'hang out' and chat about their comings and goings. They're often light roleplay experiences, however they're also a good source to plant seeds for any pllot ideas you have for your characters, or to talk to others about including them in your story ideas.

Desired outcome: Put names to faces, enjoy some casual in-character interaction with fellow guild members.