Team Report: December 2018

By Shaman a - Posted Nov 30, 18

December 2018 Guild Report

This month's entry will be light on big objectives, as December is often as extremely busy time for most people.  I'll try to give a bit of insight into some behind the scenes positives, and some areas we'd still like to work on.

Guild Plot and Story. This one is left over from last month.  Sadly I didn't get the time and focus myself to push this through in a meaningful way.  I've also had trouble getting to a spot with the team where we feel we can comfortably push a system forward that doesn't rely on the time and motivation of a select few.

Fundamentally, my issue is that TAC as a guild isn't ever really going to be involved in dramatics on such a grand scale that it would warrant a unified and coordinated guild effort.  Such plots are an enormous drain on the people that organise them.  In the past I personally have tried to do that, but there are admin duties that I and I alone can do with our current setup, which soaks up my time.  When I consider those duties and my own personal RP plots, there simply isn't enough hours in the day for me to drive that kind of plot, and I don't consider it to be a flaw in the guild's design that I cannot.  The stories that are told in the guild are something we should all be contributing to.

Some of my thoughts from the Team's Discord channel:-

I've been considering something fundamental about the guild, and guild plots in general. Are you guys okay with the guild itself being fairly boring in terms of what it does? What I mean by that is that its day to day shit is typically going to be your little adventures , with an occasional big push on something significant like a raid on a high end base of enemy operations. The real valuable and poignant stories come from the characters within the guild, rather than the guild itself. I also really can't propose a system where I or anyone else feels obligated to run stories for characters or situations that just do not inspire me. I can't see how that would ever work when my time (and the time of others) is so hard won.
I'd like to propose a thing where we say 'hey this is a bunch of jobs the guild has' but heavily encourage people to use these jobs to make friends on their characters. From there you can then explore all sorts of other ways to explore more inter-character personal stories that are relevant on a personal level to the characters in question.
That's the basics of what I have at the moment, and throughout December I will try to get more nailed down after discussing things further with the team.  If there are any players that would like to be involved in these development discussions, please get in touch with me.
New people! So many new people. I'm really pleased with the both the number and the calbre of the new folks we have invited into TAC.  It is my sincere hope that you find TAC to be a rewarding and welcoming guild, as well as a place where you can tell stories with your friends and guild mates.
Character Sheet changes. Our Discord now has the Sidekick bot installed.  I will be adding some formulas to the character sheet's dice roller so that skills and attacks can easilly be copied into Discord.  I imagine this will be used more during smaller, ad hoc RP events and introduction events in-game.
Introduction events are live.  These are intended to serve as a personalised ice breaker between our new players and the team.  They can be anything you like!  Please see this thread for more information on how to request one of these events.  My hope is that these will plant positive seeds between members and pave the way for more stories to be told in future.
Forum updates.  This one's for me to do; I need to tidy up old threads, repair broken links, streamline the navigation between various sub forums and also check a lot of our threads are relevant and up to date.  
New team members.  To be frank, I need some help with applications.  I think anyone's who's been paying attention to Discord has seen that I have been picking up a lot of applications lately, which is not a burden I wish to bear on my own.  If you'd like to help with the important task of inviting new members into the guild, please get in touch with me via Discord.
That's all for now!  As always please bring any issues at all to me.  Have fun out there.