Team Report: January 2019

By Shaman a - Posted Jan 2, 19

TALE is back!

After much back and forth with Arenanet's support teams, we've managed to secure something similar to our old guild name, witht he old tag.  I know this is welcome news for many on an OOC level, but I wanted to go into what this means on an IC level.

Lyla Carrick (my second ever character after Gerrard) has taken over the leadership position, which is something I aim to keep in place for the forseeable future.  I personally feel she is a warm and personable character, with a good and reasonable approach to things.  She can be both friendly and firm, and I think the league will benefit from her personality and direction.

The New Living Story

I'm not going to stress too much about any kind of 'guild plot' this month.  The new Living Story episode hits, which should give us plenty to do, both in terms of the actual content and our own RP events done on the outskirts of the story's major events.  Please consider the Living Story to be the epicentre of the world changing events that take place; there is plenty of room for creative interpretation of other knock on effects for many weeks to come.

Team placements

I could still do with some help here.  I'm going to be making some recruitment drives come the Living Story release, so having team members to help with processing new applicants and doing our introduction events would be a great help.  Please get in touch if you're interested.

Guild 'jobs' and tasks

I'm still considering the best approach for a casual, easy to pick up way of inidicating the kind of jobs that TALE might have to help offset its costs.  My difficulty there is coming up with something that is firstly sustainable (it has to be low intensiity with regards to work loads) and secondly, something that people are actually going to use and benefit from.

What would it take for you to get involved in a guild activity?  What can the leadership team do to help with that?  If you have ideas, please approach me and I'll consider how viable it is.

I will continue to ponder the problem myself, and endeavour to get something in place as soon as possible. 

As usual, if there are any questions or feedback my door's always open.