Team Report: February 2019

By Shaman a - Posted Feb 2, 19

A fantastic month for TALE

The new episode came - it was amazing - and many of us enjoyed it.  The stand out highlight of this month however, has been how much roleplay has been going on between characters after the dust has settled.  I've had great fun driving my own stories during this time and witnessing the stories of others.  I've seen player plots applenty and even managed to be involved in some of them.  I've seen some great initiative from players new and old, and I honestly can't remember a time that the guild has felt as alive as it has now.  So, to start with I'd like to throw out a blanket thank you to everyone, before I reflect on some of our wins.

The guild's camp in Thunderhead

In hindsight this has been a very good idea; a simply stated new RP location that helped many of us feel like we were really involved in the events of the Living World.  Not only has it given us a different and fresh locaton for that hang out 'tavern' RP, but it's provided a spring board into other events both in-game and in Discord.  We will definitely be finding interesting and dynamic ways to weave the Living Story's events into the guild's story in this way with future releases.  The only 'negative' has been the location, thanks to the Branded raids popping up, though I'm sure we've all enjoyed the extra karma generated.

Our Discord activity

Many months ago the Leadership Team took the decision to make Discord sign-up a requirement for our members.  The positive side of this is a whole new way in which our members can interact and share stories.  It has become a dynamic 'forum' almost of itself, with multiple channels that support a range of different communicaton needs.  The sheer amount of roleplay that has been either conducted entirely, or aided using Discord is staggering this month.  The most joyous part for me is that I've had to do very little prodding here; it's initiatives that players have decided to do off their own backs, with their own story ideas.

The screenshot channel has been a source of delight for many, so that's here to stay.  The beautiful captures of our characters out doing their thing really highlights some of the awesome inter-character relationships that have been forming out there in very encouraging ways.

I'd like to extend the community's thanks to three people in-particular who have made noteworthy efforts this month; Neiu, Vanaliel and Minty.  You have all gone to enormous lengths to form fun-filled story based events for people, both in game and through long Discord roleplay sessions.  If roleplay begets roleplay, then you've all made significant contributions towards encouraging others to get stuck in with their ideas over the coming months.  I'd also like to throw a thank you Jill's way for including me in her first foray into dice roll assisted RP events.  It was fun to play out and I'm looking forward to seeing where Zola's story goes. 

Team restructuring

The overhaul of the team structure and the rewriting of the 'What is TALE' thread on our forums were both big projects for me this month, that I've had to squeeze in around inviting new members in and enjoying my own personal roleplays.  I have received positive feedback from a number of sources, saying that the gap has been nicely bridged between IC and OOC roles, and that the league's structure and purpose is now a little more defined.  I think there's still positive improvements that we can make here, and I will be continuing to look at ways the league's 'work' can be put into a tangible metric so that members have an active list of things to do if inspiration's lacking.

I've been really happy with the decision to put Lyla at the head of the spear; I like to play her as a shrewd yet personable character with a genuinely good heart.  As a close personal friend of Gerrard's she has been with the league since it's creation and she very much cares for the guild's wellbeing.  I think she's doing an okay job so far, but the ultimate judges of that will continue to be you guys. <3

Guild Hall Decoratons

Lastly, I'd like to offer an enormous personal thank you to Talmora for (being my treasured RP partner and) decorating the league's canyon so beautifully with the new decorations.  Our Hall is easilly the most gorgeous looking one I know, and Talmora is entirely responsible for this.

Tal, we are better for having you with us and I am extremely grateful for all of the effort you put in.