Team Report: March 2019

By Shaman a - Posted Mar 1, 19

More Guild Plot to come

Many people have had fun with our current guild plot involving the mysterious, giant Branded griffon that has been harrassing Pact members in Thunderhead Peaks.  The whole guild has benefited from the team being organised and communicating well behind the scenes, which has resulted in all of us having a good idea where this story is going, and what various characters have done to influence the flow of the tale.  It isn't a railroad story, and I'm pleased to say that the actions and thoughts of certain characters has had a positive outcome in a lot of ways.  While it's nice people are getting involved, I'd like to do more though as I know that there are some people who are yet to join in that may want to be.  Some of our members will be content just doing their own thing, which is perfectly fine; it's far from mandatory to get involved but if there are people that would like to get stuck in but are yet to do so, please get in touch with myself or any member of the team and we'll try to help.

Act I has now been wrapped up.  This involved a job from the Pact to hunt down what they believed to be a Branded Griffon that was killing their members.  Thanks to the dligence of several individual league members, it was realised that perhaps this isn't simply a Branded creature after all.  A hunt was lead to capture the beast, and it's now comfortably restrained in the mine at the guild's canyon.  Lyla has sought counsel from those around her as she has weighed up the options.  Returning the bounty to the Pact would put the league in good stead with the organisation and significantly boost the league's struggling treasury, but they would be doing so in the knowledge the griffon was hunting those involved with a clandestine smuggling ring selling off Pact assets to the highest bidder.

Act II will take place throughout March, and will involve various different efforts across the guild to identify this group, bring them to justice and hopefully save a little face with the Pact.  Please keep your eyes on the Announcements channel in Discord for more details over the coming month; we have a bit of planning to do first but we'll be happy to push onto the next stage as soon as we're ready.

Those Arenanet Cuts

This was was very sad news for us, but far worse for the employees of Arenanet that have had to say farewell to some of the colleagues they've worked with for years.  I imagine this will not only have a negative affect on their workload, but morale must also be in the toilet for them right now.

I'm trying to take away some positives though.

• All of the comments made by official staff have indicated that these cuts will largely affect 'future unnannounced projects' and not Guild Wars 2.

• Guid Wars 2 is making NCsoft money.  They want Arenanet to focus on the thing that is earning, and not the untested ideas they were seemingly throwing a lot of effort into.

• This might actually force them to focus on the things that the fans do want and therefore, will pay for.

For reference, there's a good reddit post here which is speculation and conjecture, but it does so with a fair and I think optimistic air.  We also have a post from the GW2 Game Director Mike Zadorojny on the main forums here.

The good news is that GW2 is here to stay, and TALE very much intends to continue being part of it.

Our New folks

We've had a ton of new people in lately, which is great news.  I'd like to give you a warm welcome from the entire team, and invite you all to take advantage of our introduction events.  These personalised events require a little initiative from you (you need to make a character sheet and then tell us what event you'd like) but they're a great way to get familiar with the guild, its common practices and some of its fun acitivities.  Please take up the offer if you feel you'd benefit from it.

Character sheet updates

The main reason that I haven't been running a large number of roleplay events in the last few weeks is that a considerable portion of my time has gone into making some welcome changes to the TALE character sheet.  Details on our custom story system can be found here and it's from this page that you can follow a link to our new Dice Affects feature.  After having several long conversation with Talmora she and I sat down and considered ways for people to react to the dice, so that our story telling sessions involved a little more than just saying 'well the dice hate me today, your go'.  I believe we now have a few fun ways for players to be proactive about the rolls they really want to pass, and there's also a few ways for storytellers to spruce up a player (or monster's) rolls in the name of dramatics.  So far feedback has been positive and I'm pleased to see people using the system.  I recommend people to update to the current character sheet version (8.22) in order to take advantage of these and other features.  If anyone has problems filling in the sheet, please speak to any member of the team and they will happily help you.

That's all from me for now!  See you in Tyria!