Team report: November 2018

Shaman a posted Oct 31, 18

November 2018 Guild Report

Hello all. Welcome to the first of what I hope to be a continued series of posts from myself or one of the other team members. The purpose of these posts is to make some of the behind the scenes team activities more visible and communicate some of our ideas and obstacles in a positive way. I'll start by saying some of the things that I personally want to spearhead.

Introduction events. This is one area I'm quite passionate about, as I really would like for there to be a positive initial experience to set the tone for all of our new players. I've been trying hard to get around our new folks (whether that's through small RP events or hero point runs) but my hope is that by having an established, stated process other members of the team can follow suit. If I get one thing done this month, I'd like for this to be it.

Greater cross-guild support. My in-game experiences have taught me that a guild doesn't need to be a person's only source of roleplay. While we are all here for the basics that TAC provides we will all still have our own unique wants and desires, and our own play times that will make us gravitate to those of a similar mind, and that fact that you're not in the same guild is no barrier at all to forming fun roleplay relationships and stories with other players. Over the course of the coming month I will be looking at ways we can be more inclusive of other roleplayers (both systemically and from an IC stance) who don't necessarily fly our banner.  If that encourages people to join us, that's good organic growth too. 

Guild plot and story. The last thing on my to do list is to set-up forum access and tools for the Story Team members so that we can all share responsibility for setting the current IC tone of the guild, through the use of 'seeds'. These small, centrally stated details will be available on Discord and the forums, and will provide the whole community with a basic overview of the guild's activities and areas in which they're likely to stick their nose in. As an example, our initial idea is that TAC will be pursuing contracts in Elona, helping to clean up the region's instabilities, which will in turn put them in the firing line of hostile parties pursing their own agendas. Our hope is that people can take a note of these foundations, and then build their own little adventures from this minimal start point.

In closing, I feel it's been a good month for us. Personally I've been getting some fun RP both in and out of the guild and I'm inspired to throw my efforts at the initiatives stated above. The new folks we've had into the guild have been a lot of fun to interact with, I know a lot of our older members are stellar too and I'm eager to see the stories we can tell together.


Opening the gates

Shaman a posted Sep 24, 18

The Tyrian Adventurers Coalition is now accepting applications from new members.  Our recruitment team is looking forward to inviting some fresh people into the fold.

If you find that you have been removed from the guild and Discord during the announced May roll call, please follow these steps to get back in.

1.  Go to the forums.  You still have full access as I have intentionally left that in place.  Find the Discord widget on the right hand side and click Connect.

2.  This will put you back in the Foyer.  In this channel, post your Guild Wars 2 login.  One of the team will then assign you the appropriate Discord rank and invite you back into the guild in game.

Team members, the player in question doesn't need to be online at the time that you do this.  Once the invite's in play it will stay active in game until they either accept or decline.  The important part is to get players onto both Discord and on the guild's roster in-game.


Roll 20 Poll

Shaman a posted Jan 20, 18

We are conduction a poll regarding our guild roleplay events.

Please follow this link to complete it.